Almost 20 years after the proclamation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, a revision and update of its wording and priorities seems appropriate. For example, with regard to animal welfare, gendering, its spiritual orientation or its focus on economic issues.

In the framework of multi-day activities, the two artists Sylvia Winkler and Stephan Köperl invite passers-bye to participate in order to discuss and suggest improvements of the various articles of the Charter. It is not only about creating awareness for the constitutional text but also about adding new, emancipatory and utopian phrases.

For this purpose , the preamble and the 54 articles are printed on several large-format banners, which can be shown and modified at different locations by means of a mobile presentation system.
The corrections are continuously entered and overwritten with red and green marker, so that the original version remains recognizable, but the outlook for a more humane and sustainable Europe emerges.